RAF Mildenhall



100th Air Refueling Wing

Aircraft Assigned

RAF Mildenhall Aircraft
  • B-50 (1950)
  • B-29 (1951)
  • KB-29 (1951)
  • KC-97 (1953)
  • RB-50 (1953)
  • KB-29 (1953)
  • RB-47 (1956)
  • WB-50 (1959)
  • KB-50 (1962)
  • KC-135 (1970)
  • C-130 (1976)
  • EC-135 (1976)

The EC-135s flew ELINT and COMINT missions along the borders of Poland, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. The twenty or so specialists on board the RC-135s during such missions listened to and recorded military radio frequencies and communications.

The 306th SW played a major role in the success of Operation El Dorado Canyon, the American attack on the Libyan capital of Tripoli in 1986. In support of this 14-hour, radio-silence rendezvous mission, the unit deployed the largest number of refueling aircraft ever flown over Europe and the largest fleet of KC-10's ever airborne at one time. In addition, the day after the attack 9th SW aircraft made several unmolested flights over the bombed military targets in and around Tripoli and Benghazi.

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