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501st Combat Support Wing

Alconbury Gate

A close-up view of the base sign and a display of an F-5 at the main gate (21 Mar 1995)

Alconbury TR-1B

Left front view of a TR-1B Training aircraft coming in for a landing. The aircraft is one of only two in the Air Force (1 Mar 1984)

New enlisted heritage display in day room at RAF Alconbury

New enlisted heritage display in day room at RAF Alconbury

Dayroom with Enlisted Heritage Touch

Out with the old and in with the new... well, sort of. A recent refurbishment of a dormitory day room at RAF Alconbury is a mix of old and new. Gone is the mismatched furniture, outdated design and rarely-used space. Taking its place is new 'cyber dayroom,' complete with wi-fi capability, modern furniture and a space that takes Airmen back in time.

One of the main features of the new dayroom is the addition of heritage items added to the walls and displayed in cases. Prominently featured is an engine cowling from a B-17 bomber, nicknamed "Barbara Jane" that crashed in Yorkshire in 1945. The cowling, along with various World War II memorabilia, was donated by a local resident, Mr. Graham Sharpe.

"The room was an excellent and very fitting place for the engine cowling to be displayed," Mr. Sharpe said in an e-mail thanking Master Sgt. Phillip Allen for the hospitality he received during the opening ceremony. "We were made very welcome."

The other main feature of the new room is and enlisted heritage display, complete with a donated uniform from Chief Master Sgt. Ronald Schwarting, 423rd ABG superintendent.

"Highlighting enlisted heritage items shows the Airmen why what they do is important, how they fit in the Air Force mission and where we came from,' Colonel Hoversten explained. "This is a room that will be used and we hope the Airmen take the time to look at the displays and appreciate their history."

The refurbishment was completed with a combination of a contractor workforce, local CES personnel and base Airmen. Money for the make-over was given by Gen. Roger Brady, United States Air Forces in Europe commander, as part of a larger quality of life program. RAF Alconbury was one of several bases in the command to receive funds for dormitory refurbishment.

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