Meritorious Service Medal

Meritorious Service Medal


This decoration was established by Executive Order 11448 on Jan. 16, 1969. The Meritorious Service Medal (pictured below) may be awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who distinguishes themselves by either outstanding achievement or meritorious service to the United States.

This award was established as the counterpart of the Bronze Star Medal for the recognition of meritorious noncombat service.


The medal was designed by Jay Morris and sculptered by Lewis J. King, Jr., both of the Army's Institute of Heraldry. It is a one and one-half inch medallion in bronze, on the obverse as eagle wings upraised, standing upon two upward curving branches of laurel tied with a ribbon between the talons of the eagle, above and behind the eagle the upper part of a five-pointed star (with two smaller stars outlined within) on a incised plaque with six points starting at the top of each wing of the eagle. The reverse is plain with a circular inscription in raised letters, "United States of America" and "Meritorious Service" separated by dots.

The ribbon is purplish red with a quarter inch white stripe one-eighth inch from each edge.

Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) Points: 5

USAFE Meritorious Service Medal Recipients:

CMSgtDavid Adkins
SMSgtMichael Agnew
MSgtThomas Allen
SSgtSean Angelone
MSgtScott Ashley
ComCMSgtRobert Bailey
MSgtMartin Barnes
MSgtKevin Battisti
MSgtDaniel Bencivenga
SMSgtPatrick Bennett
MSgtJustin Benson
MSgtFrank Berrones
MSgtSeth Berry
MSgtArthur Bisbee
MSgtKeith Bishop
MSgtHoward Blake
MSgtTimothy Borden
CMSgtMichael Boudreau
TSgtDallas Bozeman
GenRoger Brady
SMSgtKellie Brisse
MSgtKellie Brisse
SgtJames Brosnan
MSgtKenneth Burnham
SMSgtBradley Burton
SSgtScott Calloway
CMSgtCharles Camino
SMSgtKarl Campbell
SMSgtLee Cantrell
SrAJoseph Carlile
TSgtSean Carr
MSgtRobbie Carroll
MSgtPercy Charles
MSgtVance Clark
MSgtJerry Clark
SMSgtDonald Claxton
MSgtMichael Combs
MSgtTruman Conrad
SMSgtPaul Costinett
MSgtLawrence Cousino
MSgtDouglas Crow
MSgtScott Currie
MSgtTracy Curtis
MSgtRobert Dahl
MSgtBradley Davis
SSgtCharles Day
SMSgtMark Decorte
MSgtJason Delucy
MSgtMichael Denoncour
SMSgtDaniel Deprez
ComCMSgtPamela Derrow
CMSgtMichael Dilt
MSgtMichael Dodge
SrAGerald Doetzer
CMSgtCharles DuFault
MSgtClinton Dunnehoo
MSgtRonald Durall
SMSgtCarl Eckrode
SMSgtPaul Eddy
MSgtJames Ellis
CMSgtJoseph Ferrall
CMSgtCarlos Figueroa
MSgtRose Finnie
SMSgtBartley Fischer
SMSgtMelvin Fogle
MSgtE. Forbess
SSgtCharles Frazier
MSgtJames Fuller
CMSgtCharles Funkhouser
MSgtFranklin Furman
SgtSteve Furry
CMSgtTimothy Garland
MSgtRobert Giancarlo
TSgtZoila Ginn
MSgtKevin Glassner
SSgtJoel Gloston
CMSgtMichael Gravenor
SMSgtRobert Graves
MSgtKenneth Griffiths
SMSgtDaniel Guzman
CMSgtRobert Hale
SMSgtBrent Hardsaw
SMSgtWayne Harker
SMSgtMatthew Harms
CMSgtLindsay Harris
MSgtCayle Harris
MSgtRalf Hartmann
MSgtKurt Haupt
SMSgtChad Hayes
CMSgtErick Hays
SMSgtRichard Hehl
MSgtRobert Hemmerly
SMSgtEmilio Hernandez
MSgtDarrell Hodges
CMSgtLewis Holston
TSgtJeffrey Huot
TSgtMelchor Javier
CMSgtJon Jefferson
SMSgtTracy Johnston
CMSgtTracy Jones
CMSgtRobert Jones
SMSgtJean Jones
CMSgtLeslie Jones
MSgtDouglas Kahn
SMSgtMark Keck
MSgtPaul Kinsey
SMSgtTimothy Klingenberg
MSgtRoger Krasusky
MSgtSpencer Lanier
CMSgtDavid Lawrence
SMSgtDale Lawrence
MSgtEdiberto Leal
MSgtJames Leonard
CMSgtFrank Levand
SMSgtThomas Lewis
MSgtBrent Lieberman
MSgtBradley Littlefield
MSgtEugene Livingston
SMSgtShad Lochner
SMSgtGina Louis
ComCMSgtJose LugoSantiago
MSgtMichael Mahoney
MSgtRaymond Malone
CMSgtLee Manley
MSgtDavid Martin
CMSgtDavid Martin
SMSgtAlvin McCloud
SMSgtTim McDonell
SMSgtCharles McJunkin
MSgtMichael Miller
ComCMSgtEduardo Mireles
SMSgtFrank Monsisvais
MSgtJared Moran
MSgtThomas Mulberry
MSgtThomas Mulberry
MSgtMichael Murieen
TSgtDavid Myers
MSgtDavid Nieto
CMSgtKenneth O'Dell
MSgtMichael Olmstead
SMSgtMark Pakradooni
MSgtThomas Paolillo
SSgtDennis Parham
MSgtRichard Parks
MSgtMattie Patterson
SMSgtShawn Payne
MSgtLawrence Payte
SMSgtChristopher Perez
MSgtCorey Perkins
MSgtJason Perry
CMSgtMark Peters
MSgtCynthia Peterson
CMSgtJerry Phillips
SMSgtJames Pierce
SMSgtTroy Pietz
CMSgtRobert Pipkins
MSgtJose Ramon Jr.
CMSgtBrian Reel
CMSgtJohn Reeves
MSgtGeorge Regler
MSgtBart Reilly
MSgtJoseph Reno
ComCMSgtJeffrey Richardson
CMSgtJohn Robbins
MSgtJoseph Robinson
MSgtShawn Roskosky
TSgtStephen Rotramel
ComCMSgtRichard Sanchez
CMSgtMark Schubert
MSgtAdam Shaffer
MSgtDavid Shaw
MSgtRon Simonson
MSgtRonald Smith
SMSgtMarcus Smith
SSgtBarbara Snell
SSgtWalter Staten
CMSgtRobert Steurer
ComCMSgtCurtis Storms
CMSgtJohn Thompson
CMSgtAl Thompson
CMSgtPaul Turgeon
CMSgtJoseph Tvelia
CMSgtJeanne Vogt
MSgtDonald Walden
CMSgtSteven Wallace
MSgtRussell Ware
MSgtWilliam Webster
MSgtRichard Weimer
AmnJulie Wenner
TSgtRick Wheeler
SMSgtMario White
ComCMSgtRory Wicks
ComCMSgtDavid Williamson
MSgtDavid Wills
MSgtKathy Wojciechowski
MSgtJames Woodford Jr
MSgtMichael Woods
SMSgtAndrew Wright
ComCMSgtRaymond Wyland
MSgtKelly York
SMSgtGary Young