Air Force Commendation Medal

Air Force Commendation Medal


Awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who have distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement and service. The degree of merit must be distinctive, though it need not be unique. Acts of courage which do not involve the voluntary risk of life required for the Soldier's Medal (or the Airman's Medal now authorized for the Air Force) may be considered for the AFCM.

The medal is a bronze hexagon, with one point up, centered upon which is the seal of the Air Force, an eagle with wings spread, facing left, perched upon a baton. There are clouds in the background. Below the seal is a shield bearing a pair of flyer's wings and a vertical baton with an eagle's claw at either end; behind the shield are eight lightning bolts.

An example of the citation that usually accompanies the award of the Air Force Commendation follows, "Captain Evans A. Kerrigan distinguished himself by meritorious service as Instructor Navigator and Standardization/Evaluation Instructor, KC-135, 509th Air Refueling Squadron, 509th Bombardment Wing, SAC, Pease Air Force Base, New Hampshire, February 19, 1984 to May 16, 1988. During this period, Captain Kerrigan's superior performance and outstanding dedication led to significant improvements in the unit's combat readiness, contributing immeasurably to the performance of its worldwide missions. The distinctive accomplishments of Captain Kerrigan reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force."

A bronze oak leaf cluster is awarded for each additional award of the AFCM. Award of the "V" device for a contingency deployment operation will be dependent upon the area of responsibility (AOR) being declared a hostile environment by the JCS, or hostile acts identified by the unified commander or higher authority. Award of the "V" device is authorized only for events or situations which occured on or after 11 Jan 96.


This medal was authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force on March 28, 1958 while serving in any capacity with the Air Force after March 24, 1958.

Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) Points: 3

USAFE Air Force Commendation Medal Recipients:

TSgtFrank Acree
CMSgtDavid Adkins
SMSgtMichael Agnew
MSgtEric Akers
SSgtNicholas Alexander
SSgtSean Allen
MSgtThomas Allen
TSgtRachel Anderson
TSgtJeffrey Anke jr
SSgtRodney Arzuaga
MSgtRichard Asberry
MSgtScott Ashley
TSgtJustin Baier
ComCMSgtRobert Bailey
TSgtKristopher Ball
MSgtMartin Barnes
TSgtFrank Barone
TSgtDavid Basham
TSgtRobert Bateman
SrAJames Baynard
SSgtJack Bean
SrAKevin Beaver
MSgtDaniel Bencivenga
SMSgtPatrick Bennett
MSgtJustin Benson
SSgtAndrew Bergdorf
MSgtFrank Berrones
MSgtSeth Berry
SSgtRoss Bielski
MSgtArthur Bisbee
MSgtKeith Bishop
MSgtHoward Blake
MSgtTimothy Borden
CMSgtMichael Boudreau
SgtKenneth Bradstreet
GenRoger Brady
SSgtTrevor Brewer
MSgtKellie Brisse
SMSgtKellie Brisse
TSgtMark Bruton
SSgtHarley Brydon
TSgtChristopher Budhu
SSgtRichard Bulgin
MSgtKenneth Bullard
MSgtKenneth Burnham
SMSgtBradley Burton
SSgtEdward Caldwell
SSgtNathanael Callon
SSgtJoel Cameron
CMSgtCharles Camino
SMSgtKarl Campbell
SMSgtLee Cantrell
TSgtSean Carr
MSgtRobbie Carroll
TSgtScott Chamberlain
MSgtMichael Chancey
TSgtEric Chaney
MSgtPercy Charles
MSgtStephen Chisenhall
MSgtVance Clark
MSgtJerry Clark
SMSgtDonald Claxton
MSgtAndrew Coleman
SSgtShawn Coleman
MSgtMichael Combs
SrAChristopher Combs
TSgtDaniel Conley
MSgtTruman Conrad
TSgtAaron Cooper
SMSgtPaul Costinett
MSgtLawrence Cousino
MSgtDouglas Crow
MSgtScott Currie
MSgtTracy Curtis
MSgtRobert Dahl
MSgtAnthony Daniels
SSgtBilly Dasinger
MSgtBradley Davis
SrAWilliam Deater
SMSgtMark Decorte
MSgtMauricio Defreitas
MSgtJason Delucy
MSgtMichael Denoncour
SMSgtDaniel Deprez
MSgtJoseph Derevage
ComCMSgtPamela Derrow
TSgtEdward Dieterle
TSgtStephen Dillehayes
MSgtRobert Dilley
CMSgtMichael Dilt
SSgtShahid Din
MSgtMichael Dodge
SSgtMarcos Dominguez
SSgtBarry Donadio
TSgtGregory Drain
TSgtMichael Duckens
CMSgtCharles DuFault
MSgtClinton Dunnehoo
MSgtRonald Durall
SMSgtCarl Eckrode
SMSgtPaul Eddy
TSgtCullen Elliott
MSgtJames Ellis
SSgtJonathon Fais
TSgtAlfred Felker
CMSgtJoseph Ferrall
SgtJames Fields
CMSgtCarlos Figueroa
MSgtGeorge Fillgrove
MSgtRose Finnie
SMSgtBartley Fischer
SgtThomas Fister
MSgtErik Flanagan
SMSgtMelvin Fogle
SSgtCharles Frazier
MSgtJames Fuller
CMSgtCharles Funkhouser
TSgtFranklin Furman
SgtSteve Furry
SSgtDavid Gajeske
CMSgtTimothy Garland
SrAKent Garrett
SSgtJuan Garza
SSgtJeremiah Gates
SSgtBrian Gates
MSgtRobert Giancarlo
MSgtRichard Gilbert
TSgtZoila Ginn
MSgtKevin Glassner
TSgtHeriberto Gonzalez
TSgtDonald Goodlow
MSgtNicholas Graeme
CMSgtMichael Gravenor
SMSgtRobert Graves
TSgtKent Greenwood
MSgtKenneth Griffiths
TSgtMichael Grooms
SSgtJuan Guerra
SMSgtDaniel Guzman
TSgtTimothy Hackett
TSgtJames Haga
TSgtChristopher Hale
CMSgtRobert Hale
MSgtMichael Hanks
SMSgtBrent Hardsaw
SMSgtWayne Harker
MSgtMatthew Harms
MSgtCayle Harris
CMSgtLindsay Harris
MSgtJeffrey Hartman
MSgtRalf Hartmann
SSgtKevin Hassenpflug
MSgtJohn Hastings
MSgtKurt Haupt
SMSgtChad Hayes
SSgtSpencer Hayman
CMSgtErick Hays
SMSgtRichard Hehl
SSgtEric Helgeson
MSgtRobert Hemmerly
TSgtVeronica Henderson
SgtLinda Herbert (now Dalton)
SMSgtEmilio Hernandez
SSgtChristopher Herzer
TSgtLeslie Hickey
TSgtChristopher Highland
MSgtRobert Hill
TSgtChristopher Hill
MSgtDarrell Hodges
SSgtZachary Holschuh
CMSgtLewis Holston
TSgtSteven Howard
SSgtCurvin Hunt
TSgtJeffrey Huot
TSgtChristopher Jachimiec
TSgtCarl Jackson jr.
TSgtMelchor Javier
TSgtJason Jeffers
CMSgtJon Jefferson
TSgtShayne Jenkins
TSgtWilliams jr. John
SSgtJoshua Johnson
TSgtRobert Johnson
MSgtTracy Johnston
CMSgtRobert Jones
CMSgtLeslie Jones
SMSgtJean Jones
CMSgtTracy Jones
TSgtJames Jordan
MSgtGeorge Kaelin
MSgtDouglas Kahn
TSgtDavid Kearney
SMSgtMark Keck
TSgtScott Keith
SSgtEric Kellogg
SrARichard Kelly
TSgtWayne King
MSgtPaul Kinsey
TSgtCharles Kirkpatrick
TSgtAlbert Klaver Jr
SMSgtTimothy Klingenberg
MSgtJames Knowles
SgtLouis Kornreich
MSgtRoger Krasusky
MSgtDaryl Lamb
SSgtAlbert Lamboy
MSgtSpencer Lanier
TSgtJohn Lanier III
SSgtSue Larson
TSgtBradley Lauterwasser
SMSgtDale Lawrence
CMSgtDavid Lawrence
MSgtEdiberto Leal
TSgtPatrick Ledbetter
MSgtJames Leonard
TSgtTravis Leonard
CMSgtFrank Levand
TSgtCharlie Lewis
SMSgtThomas Lewis
MSgtBrent Lieberman
MSgtBradley Littlefield
MSgtEugene Livingston
SMSgtShad Lochner
TSgtLawrence Lopez
TSgtGary Louden
SMSgtGina Louis
SSgtMelvin Lucas
TSgtZabrina Lucas
ComCMSgtJose LugoSantiago
SSgtJoshua Lytle
SSgtRamdolph Macapinlac
MSgtMichael Mahoney
TSgtThomas Mahurin
TSgtAdam Malek
MSgtRaymond Malone
SgtPaul Mancuso
CMSgtLee Manley
CMSgtDavid Martin
MSgtDavid Martin
SSgtMichael Marushia
MSgtRalph Mason
SgtPaul Matteo
TSgtChristopher Maxson
MSgtJeremy Mays
MSgtDouglas Mcbryde jr
SMSgtAlvin McCloud
SgtJohn Mccollum
TSgtByron Mcculloch
SMSgtTim McDonell
SMSgtCharles McJunkin
TSgtFaye McKevitt (Ivey)
TSgtThomas McKrush
TSgtJ Messer
TSgtRyan Michels
SSgtEric Miller
MSgtMichael Miller
TSgtMark Miller
ComCMSgtEduardo Mireles
TSgtDaniel Moffett
SMSgtFrank Monsisvais
TSgtJoseph Mooney
MSgtJared Moran
MSgtThomas Mulberry
MSgtThomas Mulberry
MSgtDavid Mullen
TSgtM. Anthony Muller
MSgtMichael Murieen
MSgtMatthew Murphy
TSgtDavid Myers
TSgtDaniel Naro
TSgtWilliam Nelson
TSgtStephen Nelson
SSgtChad Newsome
MSgtDavid Nieto
TSgtSergio Norat
CMSgtKenneth O'Dell
MSgtMichael Olmstead
SSgtLarry Olson
SMSgtMark Pakradooni
SgtJudith Pakradooni (nee' Kallay)
MSgtDennis Palmer
SSgtDennis Parham
MSgtJeff Parker
MSgtRichard Parks
SSgtTimothy Parry
MSgtMattie Patterson
SMSgtShawn Payne
MSgtLawrence Payte
MSgtJacob Peeterse
MSgtRitche Pepito
SMSgtChristopher Perez
MSgtJaime Perez
SMSgtLeoanrd Perkins
MSgtCorey Perkins
MSgtJoshua Peters
CMSgtMark Peters
MSgtCynthia Peterson
MSgtPaul Phillips
CMSgtJerry Phillips
SMSgtJames Pierce
SMSgtTroy Pietz
CMSgtRobert Pipkins
TSgtRussell Pollock
TSgtOmar Portillo
TSgtMichael Powell
SgtMichael Pratt
SSgtMacario Pulido
SgtPamela Pumilia
SgtHugh Quattlebaum
TSgtEdgardo Ramirez
MSgtJose Ramon Jr.
TSgtStephen Ranum
TSgtIan Reed
CMSgtBrian Reel
CMSgtJohn Reeves
SSgtIan Regan
MSgtGeorge Regler
MSgtThomas Rego
SSgtWilliam Reibsome
MSgtBart Reilly
MSgtJoseph Reno
MSgtScott Reynolds
TSgtRobert Rice
ComCMSgtJeffrey Richardson
SgtArnie Rivera
CMSgtJohn Robbins
MSgtJoseph Robinson
SSgtGraham Robinson
MSgtShawn Roskosky
ComCMSgtRichard Sanchez
SrAChristopher Schatz
SrAChristopher Schatz
SSgtDavid Schaubschlager
MSgtGuy Schofield
SrARegina Schuster
TSgtDavid Sealock
SgtSteve Secatch
MSgtAdam Shaffer
MSgtDavid Shaw
MSgtRon Simonson
SSgtKhemraj Singh
MSgtRonald Smith
MSgtRonald Smith
SMSgtMarcus Smith
TSgtRalph Smith
SSgtBarbara Snell
TSgtJavier Sosa
TSgtJohn Spencer
SSgtKeith Stanton
SSgtWalter Staten
TSgtKimothy Steele
TSgtEric Sterman
CMSgtRobert Steurer
TSgtJonathan Stevens
MSgtDavid Stewart
ComCMSgtCurtis Storms
TSgtJustin Story
SSgtRichard Stucke
SgtRosa Suarez
TSgtRichard Swafford
MSgtHoward Teer III
SSgtJohn Tegeler
TSgtJoel Thill
TSgtEarl Thomas
MSgtSteven Thomas II
TSgtChristopher Thompson
MSgtRichard Timberlake
TSgtJennifer Toft
SgtTheodore Trask
MSgtAndrew Trigo
MSgtJames Tritle
SrAThomas Trout
MSgtJoseph Trumbull
MSgtSteven Tucker
CMSgtJoseph Tvelia
TSgtRyan Veith
TSgtBrian Villa
CMSgtJeanne Vogt
MSgtDonald Walden
TSgtJames Walker
CMSgtSteven Wallace
MSgtRussell Ware
TSgtNa-anthony Watson
MSgtWilliam Webster
MSgtRichard Weimer
TSgtNicholas Wells
AmnJulie Wenner
SMSgtMario White
ComCMSgtRory Wicks
SSgtRobert Wicks
TSgtMichael Wigginton
TSgtJonathan Williams
SgtKatherine Williams (now McGinn)
ComCMSgtDavid Williamson
MSgtDavid Wills
SSgtChristopher Willson
TSgtPatrick Wiseman
MSgtKathy Wojciechowski
SgtHarold Woodard Jr
MSgtJames Woodford Jr
MSgtMichael Woods
SMSgtAndrew Wright
SSgtDennis Wright
ComCMSgtRaymond Wyland
MSgtKelly York
SMSgtGary Young