12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year 1992
Technical Sergeant Christopher Batta

Stationed at: Sembach Annex, Germany

TSgt Batta was from the 601st Security Police Squadron.

Taken from The Lost History of the Canine Race:

Tech Sergeant Christopher Batta (now CMSgt Ret) and an explosives-detecting Belgian Malinois named Carlo are just the latest in a long line of human-dog bonds that defy military policy. In a sixty-day tour in Desert Storm, Carlo alerted to 167 concealed explosives, discovered a cache of bombs hidden under a case of MREs, detonation cord, and cluster bombs buried in neighborhoods where children played. In 1991, in a formal ceremony reported by Stars and Stripes, Batta received the Bronze Star for his service in the Persian Gulf. But the Sergeant found the military regulation barring animals from receiving honors unfair. After the ceremony, he removed the medal from his own uniform and affixed it to the dog's collar.

"Carlo worked harder than me," Batta explained. "He was always in front of me."