CMSAF Parish
Enlisted Heritage Room

History of the Room

A former chief master sergeant of the Air Force dedicated to the preservation of enlisted history was honored at a ceremonial opening of an enlisted heritage room bearing his name. The Parish Enlisted Heritage Room became a reality Sept. 22, 2006 at the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Headquarters building where artifacts dating back to World War II have found a home.

It was also a homecoming of sorts for former Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Sam E. Parish, the eighth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force from 1983 to 1986, and the USAFE senior enlisted advisor from 1977 to 1980. You know it's always good to come back home, and especially for something like this," Chief Parish said before a large crowd outside the headquarters building. I've been an advocate for inclusion of our enlisted men and women and our written Air Force history, and anybody that's ever heard me talk has known that for many years. We're getting better, but we're not there yet. For USAFE to take this step, well in my humble opinion, there's no honor that could be greater than to be selected to help dedicate this heritage center." Chief Parish said he was honored, but noted the honor was not all his. There are so many others that have come before and contributed so much to our Air Force and USAFE. To say I'm honored, I think, would be a gross, gross understatement," said Chief Parish.

In his introductory remarks, USAFE Commander Gen. Tom Hobbins praised the vital contributions of enlisted USAFE Airmen spanning World War II, the Berlin Airlift, the Cold War, two Gulf Wars and the continued fight against the Global War on Terrorism. It's only fitting that as we begin to celebrate these milestones, we dedicate the USAFE Heritage Room in honor of the eighth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Sam E. Parish, for his many contributions to the morale and welfare of enlisted troops throughout USAFE, past and present," said General Hobbins.

The concept for the Parish Heritage Room came about when USAFE collected about $32,000 for the Berlin to Baghdad Memorial Fund conducted by the Air Force Enlisted Heritage Hall at Maxwell Air Force Base, Gunter Annex, Ala. The purpose was to provide museum-quality exhibits and displays for the Enlisted Heritage Hall's new wing dealing with the Cold War era. It caused us to reflect on what kind of displays, artifacts we had here in the command reflective of enlisted men and women's contributions", said USAFE Command Chief Master Sgt. Gary Coleman, who spearheaded the effort to transform the former drab training room into one with a stylish collection that includes artifacts, historical photos and uniforms, and a viewing section for audiovisual presentations. Also contributing toward the drive for a new home for the artifacts was the redesign to the entry for the USAFE headquarters building where they were displayed. Chief Coleman echoed the sentiments of Chief Parish about the need for better care of documenting enlisted Air Force history. "If you review volumes of text in Air Force history, you will find very little documentation of the contributions of enlisted men and women," Chief Coleman said. It's important for today's Airmen to know where we've been, to appreciate better where we're at, and more importantly, looking forward to the future," said Chief Coleman.

Heritage Room Photos

CMSAF Sam E. Parish whose more than 31 years of selfless service, dedication, and sound leadership included tours as USAFE Senior Enlisted Adviser from November 1977 to August 1980, and as CMSAF from August 1983 to June 1986.  Because he served, our enlisted heritage is enriched.
CMSAF Parish Enlisted Heritage Room Entrance Dedicated by Gen William T. Hobbins, USAFE Commander. In honor of the enlisted men and women of USAFE whole distinguished service spanning World War II to the Global War on Terrorism and beyond adds to the proud legacy of the Air Force's oldest active command. CMSAF Parish Enlisted Heritage Room Pan 1 CMSAF Parish Enlisted Heritage Room Pan 2 CMSAF Parish Enlisted Heritage Room Pan 3 CMSAF Parish Enlisted Heritage Room Pan 4

Heritage Room Inventory

  • Poster - History of Chevrons
  • WWII era uniform: hat, shirt, tie, coat, pants, shoes, brass buttons, patches on shoulder (chevron Technician 4th grade)
  • Post WWII era (approx 1948) blue AF uniform: hat, shirt, tie, pants, shoes, plastic buttons, shoulder insignia
  • Framed collage photo USAFE Command Chief Master Sgts (12 photos w/ assign)
  • 2 Framed collage photos MAJCOM Functional Managers (1st includes 11 photos, 2nd contains 13 photos)

Wood & Glass Cabinet includes:

  • 1960's era 2pc womans summer dress uniform
  • Framed photo of 1st all WAF NCO Academy class (1959)
  • WAF propaganda pamphlet
  • Document: Responsibilities of NCO
  • Framed document : Pay & Allowances July 1958
  • Framed artwork of Corp. Edward Ward, 1st Enlisted Airman 8/1/1907

Wood & Glass Cabinet includes:

  • 1950 era utility/fatigue shirt
  • Pamphlet: Electron Test Tech Manual
  • Pamphlet: Storage Batteries - Lead Acid Type Tech Manual
  • Framed photo: Mait. Honor Dock w/ names
  • (2) Enlisted men pass
  • Circa 1956 winter overcoat (wool) double breasted, w/ shirt, tie, and shoulder insignia
  • Circa 1950-60's era winter womans dress uniform: shirt, coat, skirt, shoulder insignia
  • AF flight suit: helmet, gloves, goggles, shoes, flight bag, flight crew ck list, shoulder insignia, USAFE patch (right breast), and SrA Talon Martin (left breast)
  • (3) Collage posters showing AF history: (1) 1940-1960, (2) 1970-1980 ,(3) 1990 - Present
  • DK blue lg sleeve means shirt and tie circa 1980's w/ shoulder insignia

Wood & Glass Cabinet 2 w/ medalions includes:

  • (2) chevrons, (1) AF camo patch
  • Poster 52nd Fighter Wing Timeline
  • (2) Photos, (1) silver dish (52nd Fighter Wing Spangdahlem AB, Germany)
  • (1) Coin Command Chief Master Sgt
  • (1) Wooden coin (1st 4 AB)
  • (1) Patch 52 Tactical Fighter Wing Emblem (52FW/HO)
  • (1) Patch and (1) ribbon (52 EFW AFOUA w/ V for Operation Desert Storm 1/91)
  • (2) Command coins (mounted) 52 FW Spangdahlem
  • AFM 50-14 1956 Drill & Ceremonies from CMSgt Marc Rodriquez
  • Mirrored plaque 52 FWC - Com. CMSgt
  • Mirrored plaque 52nd Fighter Wing Senior Enlisted Advisors
  • (5) Photos
  • (1) Chevron
  • 1951 Manual for Court Marshal US
  • 52 FW Honor Guard Placard (Wood)

Wood & Glass Cabinet 3 includes:

  • Photo USAFE Enlisted Annual Awards
  • Wooden Plaque - Outstanding Airman of the Year 1956 - 2008
  • Book - Foundation of the AF - AF Enlisted Personnel Policy
  • Book - Generations of Chevrons (autographed)
  • Book - Enlisted Experience
  • Book - Unsung Heroes
  • Book - They Also Flew
  • Pamphlet - USAF Core Values
  • Pamphlet - USAF Uniforms
  • Pamphlets - USAF Enlisted Force Structure
  • Framed Poster - 435 AB Wing
  • Framed poster - 38th Combat Support Wing
  • Framed poster - 65th AB Wing
  • Framed poster - Collage w/ insignia "Return With Honor"
  • Framed collage - 86th Airlift Wing w/ (4) mounted coins
  • Framed collage - 32nd Air and Space Operations CMTR w/ (4) mounted patches , (1) mounted coin, (21) mounted rank pins, and (1) engraved plaque
  • Forrest Camo Uniform: soft cap, tee, blouses, berets, boots, shoulder and chest insgnia
  • Desert Camo Uniform: tee, blouse, pants, boots, SP Shoulder tag, chest insignia

Pencil Portraits of CMSgts of the Air Force:

  • #1 Paul W Airey (4/3/67- 7/31/69)
  • #2 Donald L Harlow (8/1/69 - 9/30/71)
  • #3 Richard D Kisling (10/1/71 - 9/30/73)
  • #4 Thomas N Barnes (10/1/73 - 7/31/77)
  • #5 Robert D Gaylor (8/1/77 - 7/31/79)
  • #6 James M McCoy (8/1/79 - 7/31/81)
  • #7 Arthur L "Bud" Andrews (8/1/81 - 7/31/83)
  • #8 Sam E Parish (8/1/83 - 6/30/86)
  • #9 James C Binnicker (7/1/86 - 7/30/90)
  • #10 Gary R Pfingston (8/1/90 - 10/25/94)
  • #11 David J Campanale (10/26/94 - 11/4/96)
  • #12 Eric W Benken (11/5/96 - 7/30/99)
  • #13 Fredrick J Finch (8/2/99 - 6/28/02)
  • #14 Gerald R Murray (7/1/02 - 6/30/06)
  • #15 Rodney J McKinley (7/1/06 - 6/30/09)
  • #16 James A Roy (7/30/09 - Present)

Senior Enlisted Advisors/Command Chiefs

More Uniforms

  • 1980 Era green fatigue uniform (blouse only)
  • Forest Camo ACU Woman's: soft cap, tee, blouse, pants, boots, shoulder/breast insignia
  • (2) Poster History of the Enlisted Airman in USAF
  • (1) German flag w/ stand
  • (1) USA flag w/ stand
  • (1) Digital camo BDU: soft cap, tee, blouse, pants, boots

Framed Portraits - USAFE Medal of Honor Recipients

Wall Items

Wood & Glass Cabinet 4 includes:

Wood & Glass Cabinet 5 includes:

  • (2) coins
  • Book - AF Can Deliver Anything (soft cover)
  • Book - Berlin Airlift (soft cover)
  • Book - USAF (leather cover)
  • Book - Reflections on AF Independence (soft cover)
  • Book - Generations of Chevrons (soft cover)
  • (2) Signed photos: (1) MIG 21 Lancer- Romanian AF, (1) Helicopter
  • (1) Plaque, wood and bronze - Donated by Adjunct Majoor Luc Van Ryzeghem SR Regimental Sgt Maj Belgium AF
  • (1) Woven wall hanging (small) unknown provenence
  • (2) Plaques: (1) 10th Tech Wing, donated by Adjunct Majoor Jean-Pierre Hurmans Regiment Sgt Maj Airfield Kleine Brogel, (1) map Belgian Air Component

Wood & Glass Cabinet 6 includes:

  • Wood plaque w/ eagles/hawks unknown language
  • Glass award - Dept of AF - Dolna Mitropolya
  • Wood plaque Romania - "AF NCO & WO's Military School"
  • Glass award Belgian Air Component
  • Velvet plaque presented by the Counselor of the Romanian AF COS for NCO Problems M.m. 1st class (OR9) 1 Spravnicelu Clementin & his team
  • Framed coin and pewter jet
  • Book - 50 Years of NATO (soft cover)
  • (2) Photos autographed (1) jet (1) helicopter
  • (1) Framed photo of jet from NCO Staff at Graf Ignatieuu AB


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