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Operation EL DORADO CANYON (15 April 1986)

Ground crew at RAF Lakenheath, UK, prepare a 48th Tactical Fighter F-111F strike aircraft for a retaliatory strike on Libya
Ground crew at RAF Lakenheath, UK, prepare a 48th Tactical Fighter F-111F strike aircraft for a retaliatory strike on Libya. An arming supervisor gives hand signals to the pilot as crewmen under the wings pull arming pins out of the GBU-10 modular glide bombs. The crewman by the landing gear is checking for foreign objects on the runway that might be sucked into the engine before takeoff.

To the point:

After a five-year span of global terrorism that claimed over 300 American lives abroad, the U.S. government, acting on substantiated proof that Libya sponsored the attacks, launched Operation EL DORADO CANYON. Twenty-nine U.S. Air Force F-111 Aardvarks joined the armada of over 70 U.S. Navy and Air Force fighter and support aircraft to successfully destroy five Libyan targets in the form of air defense systems and terrorist training facilities.

Historical Significance:

It was the United States' first retaliatory air strike in response to terrorism and also the farthest mission ever flew by tactical aircraft. (6,400 miles and 13 hours in duration.).

Interesting Fact:

The difficulties of the mission were great. Most of the air crews, except the flight leaders, had never before seen combat. Most had never refueled from a KC-10, and none had done so at night in radio silence.

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232 Members with the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Frank Acree TSgt David Adkins CMSgt Eric Akers MSgt Nicholas Alexander SSgt Anthony Allen SSgt Thomas Allen MSgt Rachel Anderson TSgt Sean Angelone SSgt Rodney Arzuaga SSgt Scott Ashley MSgt Glen Averitte SSgt Martin Barnes MSgt David Basham TSgt Kevin Battisti MSgt Justin Benson MSgt Arthur Bisbee MSgt Keith Bishop MSgt William Bradstreet CMSgt Kellie Brisse SMSgt Rhianna Bryan SSgt Christopher Budhu TSgt Edward Caldwell SSgt Anthony Carmichael TSgt Sean Carr TSgt Ron Ron Catap SSgt Eric Chaney TSgt Percy Charles MSgt Stephen Chisenhall MSgt Vance Clark MSgt Andrew Coleman MSgt Michael Combs MSgt Christopher Combs SrA Daniel Conley TSgt Truman Conrad MSgt Aaron Cooper TSgt Paul Costinett SMSgt Ryan Courtwright SSgt Lawrence Cousino MSgt Kevin Cozad TSgt Scott Currie MSgt Tracy Curtis MSgt Robert Dahl MSgt Alvin Davis SrA Charles Day SSgt William Deater SrA Mark Decorte SMSgt Jason Delucy MSgt Michael Denoncour MSgt Stephen Dillehayes TSgt Michael Dodge MSgt Barry Donadio SSgt Clinton Dunnehoo MSgt Justin Eddelman SSgt Paul Eddy SMSgt Dean Farnsworth MSgt Joseph Ferrall CMSgt Carlos Figueroa CMSgt Erik Flanagan MSgt Melvin Fogle SMSgt James Fuller MSgt Franklin Furman MSgt Timothy Garland CMSgt Andreis Garza SrA Brian Gates SSgt Robert Giancarlo MSgt Richard Gilbert MSgt Zoila Ginn TSgt Justin Gonzalez SrA Heriberto Gonzalez TSgt Michael Gravenor CMSgt Robert Graves SMSgt Kenneth Griffiths MSgt Michael Grooms TSgt David Guay SrA Robert Hale CMSgt Christopher Hale TSgt Michael Hanks MSgt Brent Hardsaw SMSgt Wayne Harker SMSgt Matthew Harms SMSgt Cayle Harris MSgt John Hastings MSgt Kurt Haupt MSgt Chad Hayes SMSgt Erick Hays CMSgt Richard Hehl SMSgt Emilio Hernandez SMSgt Leslie Hickey TSgt Kalob Hinners SSgt Lewis Holston CMSgt Jeffrey Huot TSgt Christopher Jachimiec TSgt Carl Jackson jr. TSgt Jason Jeffers TSgt Shayne Jenkins TSgt Williams jr. John TSgt Tracy Johnston MSgt Tracy Jones CMSgt Robert Jones CMSgt James Jordan TSgt Douglas Kahn MSgt Adam Kavanagh SrA Mark Keck SMSgt Ryan Keever TSgt Scott Keith TSgt Eric Kellogg SSgt Wayne King TSgt Houston Kingfisher SrA Paul Kinsey MSgt Albert Klaver Jr TSgt Timothy Klingenberg SMSgt Roger Krasusky MSgt Spencer Lanier MSgt John Lanier III TSgt Sue Larson SSgt Antony LAUDICINA SMSgt Dale Lawrence SMSgt Chris LeBlanc SSgt Patrick Ledbetter TSgt James Leonard MSgt Frank Levand CMSgt Charlie Lewis TSgt Bradley Littlefield MSgt Shad Lochner SMSgt Gary Louden TSgt Gina Louis SMSgt Gavin Mackenzie SSgt Michael Mahoney MSgt Lee Manley CMSgt David Martin CMSgt James Martin SSgt James Martin MSgt Michael Marushia SSgt Christopher Maxson TSgt Jeremy Mays MSgt Tim McDonell SMSgt Faye McKevitt (Ivey) TSgt Adrian Mcpherson SSgt Ryan Michels TSgt Mark Miller TSgt Frank Monsisvais SMSgt Curtis Moore TSgt Jared Moran MSgt Michael Murieen MSgt Matthew Murphy MSgt Daniel Naro TSgt William Nelson TSgt Chad Newsome SSgt Jeremiah Niesen SSgt David Nieto MSgt Brian Norton MSgt Matthew Odom SSgt Christopher Oliver SrA Michael Olmstead MSgt Matthew Osterholt TSgt Mark Pakradooni SMSgt Dennis Palmer MSgt Jeff Parker MSgt Timothy Parry SSgt Jakubek Patrick SSgt Mattie Patterson MSgt Shawn Payne SMSgt Ritche Pepito MSgt Jaime Perez MSgt Corey Perkins MSgt Leoanrd Perkins SMSgt Mark Peters CMSgt Charles Petty TSgt James Pierce SMSgt Russell Pollock TSgt James Porter SSgt Michael Powell TSgt Robert Ravens MSgt Brian Reel CMSgt Thomas Rego MSgt Robert Reich SSgt Joseph Reno MSgt Christopher Rhodey SSgt Jeffrey Richardson ComCMSgt John Robbins CMSgt James Roberson SrA Shawn Roskosky MSgt Stephen Rotramel TSgt Richard Sanchez ComCMSgt Christopher Schatz SrA Mark Schubert CMSgt David Sealock TSgt Adam Shaffer MSgt David Shaw MSgt PATRICK SIMMONS MSgt Ron Simonson MSgt Joseph Skidmore SSgt Jason Skidmore SrA Brent Slemp SrA Ronald Smith MSgt Ronald Smith MSgt Marcus Smith SMSgt Ralph Smith TSgt Javier Sosa TSgt JERRY SPERAW MSgt Janae Steude SSgt David Stewart MSgt Curtis Storms ComCMSgt Earl Thomas TSgt Steven Thomas II MSgt John Thompson CMSgt Al Thompson CMSgt Jennifer Toft TSgt Joseph Trumbull MSgt Steven Tucker MSgt Joseph Tvelia CMSgt Ryan Veith TSgt Jeanne Vogt CMSgt Roy Vreeland SrA Donald Walden MSgt Russell Ware MSgt Na-anthony Watson TSgt William Webster MSgt Julie Wenner Amn Rick Wheeler TSgt Mario White SMSgt Jonathan Williams TSgt Gavin Williams TSgt David Williamson ComCMSgt David Wills MSgt Christina Winstead MSgt Patrick Wiseman TSgt James Woodford Jr MSgt Michael Woods MSgt Andrew Wright SMSgt Raymond Wyland ComCMSgt Gary Young SMSgt
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