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Operation IRAQI FREEDOM/NEW DAWN (2001 - 18 Dec 2011)

Operation Iraqi Freedom
A C-130 Hercules assigned to a Southwest Asia base prepares to depart on a sortie en route to Iraq. C-130s transport passengers and cargo in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

USAFE provided an aeromedical evacuation capability that moved Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) patients out of CENTCOM, and transported patients all over Europe. They also flew sorties in support of OIF. USAFE has been in the front lines of the Global War on Terrorism since Sept. 11, 2001. USAFE deployed 24 fighter aircraft, eight KC-135 tankers and more than 3,000 people in OIF. It opened an important airfield in northern Iraq and provided critical en route support to deploying forces, not to mention vital logistical and medical support to forward-deployed forces.

USAFE also hosted an average of 300 ANG and more than 1,000 active-duty personnel to the USEUCOM's AOR in 2006.

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186 Members with the Iraqi Campaign Medal

Rachel Anderson TSgt Kristopher Ball TSgt Frank Barone TSgt Robert Bateman TSgt Kevin Battisti MSgt James Baynard SrA Daniel Bencivenga MSgt Justin Benson MSgt Frank Berrones MSgt Seth Berry MSgt Arthur Bisbee MSgt Dallas Bozeman TSgt Harley Brydon SSgt Christopher Budhu TSgt Edward Caldwell SSgt Nathanael Callon SSgt Karl Campbell SMSgt Anthony Carmichael TSgt Sean Carr TSgt Christopher Carson SSgt Scott Chamberlain TSgt Michael Chancey MSgt Percy Charles MSgt Vance Clark MSgt Michael Combs MSgt Christopher Combs SrA Ryan Courtwright SSgt Lawrence Cousino MSgt Tracy Curtis MSgt Anthony Daniels MSgt Alvin Davis SrA Mauricio Defreitas MSgt Joseph Derevage MSgt Stephen Dillehayes TSgt Michael Dilt CMSgt Shahid Din SSgt Lonnie Dunkin SSgt J E SSgt Justin Eddelman SSgt Cullen Elliott TSgt Erik Flanagan MSgt Charles Funkhouser CMSgt Franklin Furman MSgt Juan Garcia SSgt Timothy Garland CMSgt Juan Garza SSgt Jeremiah Gates SSgt Richard Gilbert MSgt Joel Gloston SSgt Heriberto Gonzalez TSgt Danial Graham SSgt Michael Gravenor CMSgt Robert Graves SMSgt Kenneth Griffiths MSgt Michael Grooms TSgt Daniel Guzman SMSgt Timothy Hackett TSgt James Haga TSgt Christopher Hale TSgt Brent Hardsaw SMSgt Matthew Harms SMSgt Cayle Harris MSgt Kurt Haupt MSgt Erick Hays CMSgt Eric Helgeson SSgt Emilio Hernandez SMSgt Christopher Herzer SSgt Tyler Heskett ComCMSgt Christopher Hill TSgt Robert Hill MSgt Kalob Hinners SSgt Zachary Holschuh SSgt Lewis Holston CMSgt Joshua Hunt SrA Mark Jacobs TSgt Jason Jeffers TSgt Williams jr. John TSgt Joshua Johnson SSgt Robert Johnson TSgt Tracy Johnston SMSgt Tracy Jones CMSgt Leslie Jones CMSgt Jean Jones SMSgt Robert Jones CMSgt Douglas Kahn MSgt Adam Kavanagh SrA Ryan Keever TSgt Scott Keith TSgt Richard Kelly SrA Wayne King TSgt Paul Kinsey MSgt Charles Kirkpatrick TSgt Albert Klaver Jr TSgt Timothy Klingenberg SMSgt James Knowles MSgt Nichole Kuck SSgt Antony LAUDICINA SMSgt Ediberto Leal MSgt Patrick Ledbetter TSgt Frank Levand CMSgt Zabrina Lucas TSgt Ramdolph Macapinlac SSgt Michael Mahoney MSgt Lee Manley CMSgt David Martin CMSgt James Martin SSgt Jeffrey Mason SSgt Jeremy Mays MSgt Corry Mccormick SSgt Tim McDonell SMSgt Faye McKevitt (Ivey) TSgt J Messer TSgt Ryan Michels TSgt Michael Miller MSgt Mark Miller TSgt Eric Miller SSgt Eduardo Mireles ComCMSgt Daniel Moffett TSgt Scott Molnar TSgt Curtis Moore TSgt Jared Moran MSgt Matthew Morgan SrA Michael Murieen MSgt Matthew Murphy MSgt Daniel Naro TSgt Stephen Nelson TSgt William Nelson TSgt Brian Norton MSgt Matthew Odom SSgt Michael Olmstead MSgt Jaime Perez MSgt Corey Perkins MSgt Mark Peters CMSgt James Pierce SMSgt Troy Pietz SMSgt Michael Powell TSgt Macario Pulido SSgt Jose Ramon Jr. MSgt Ryan Raneiri SSgt Ian Reed TSgt Ian Regan SSgt Robert Reich SSgt Joseph Reno MSgt Scott Reynolds MSgt John Robbins CMSgt James Roberson SrA Joseph Robinson MSgt Shawn Roskosky MSgt Robert Schofield SSgt David Sealock TSgt David Shaw MSgt PATRICK SIMMONS MSgt Joseph Skidmore SSgt Brent Slemp SrA Ronald Smith MSgt John Spencer TSgt JERRY SPERAW MSgt Alexander Stanley SrA Eric Sterman TSgt Janae Steude SSgt David Stewart MSgt Curtis Storms ComCMSgt Justin Story TSgt Robert Tansley SSgt John Tegeler SSgt Richard Timberlake MSgt Joseph Trumbull MSgt Ryan Veith TSgt Jeanne Vogt CMSgt Russell Ware MSgt William Webster MSgt Nicholas Wells TSgt Julie Wenner Amn Mario White SMSgt Jonathan Williams TSgt Gavin Williams TSgt David Williamson ComCMSgt David Wills MSgt Christopher Willson SSgt James Wilson SSgt Christina Winstead MSgt James Woodford Jr MSgt Michael Woods MSgt Andrew Wright SMSgt Gary Young SMSgt Krystopher Zsedenny SSgt
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