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Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR (23 March - 31 October 2011)

TSgt Matthew Ordorff, 100th Air Refueling Wing
Tech. Sgt. Matthew Ordorff, 100th Air Refueling Wing weather technician, deployed from Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England, checks the radio modem of a AN/TMQ-53 Tactical Meteorology Sensor Suite in the rain, in support of Operation Unified Protector. Unified Protector is a NATO-led operation in Libya to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat of attack.

To the Point:

Operation Unified Protector was the code name NATO gave to protecting Libyan civilians and civilian populated areas from the Libyan government loyal to Gaddafi. It enforced an arms embargo and a no-fly zone in accordance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, to prevent Gaddafi government forces from carrying out air attacks on Anti-Gaddafi forces.

On 20 October 2011, roughly 7 months later, Gaddafi had been captured by Libyan forces near his hometown of Sirte and died. Ten days later NATO ended Operation Unified Protector.

Interesting Fact:

Before Operation Unified Protector began, the enforcement of the arms embargo had been carried out by a US-led coalition nicknamed The Operation Odyssey Dawn Coalition. When operations relating to the enforcement of UN Resolution 1973 began on 19 March 2011, a number of operational nicknames were already in use. The United States referred to its participation as Operation Odyssey Dawn. Other nations used their own names to refer to forces deployed to the region. These included Canada (Operation Mobile), France (Opération Harmattan), and the United Kingdom (Operation Ellamy).

Other coalition partners either referenced no name, or deployed forces stated to be operating as part of the Operation Odyssey Dawn coalition.

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