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Physical Training Uniform

2006 - Present

The Air Force designed new PT uniform that became mandatory for wear on October 1, 2006. The gear consists of shorts, t-shirt, jacket and pants. They are often times referred to as "swishy suits" due to the swishing sound produced by the pants while running.

The shorts are AF blue with silver reflective stripes on the leg, a key pocket attached to the inner liner and an ID pocket on the outside of the lower right leg. The t-shirt is a moisture wicking fabric with reflective Air Force logos on the upper left portion of the chest and across the back. The jacket is blue with silver reflective piping and a reflective inverted chevron on the back. The pants are blue with silver piping and reflective stripes.

The Air Force PTU was redesigned in the beginning of 2010. The new design kept the same outer appearance but the jacket and pants are being altered with vents and an alternate material to allow for better breathing to answer to the complaints that they are too hot.