Blue Shade 1084/1549 Service DressBlue Shade 1084/1549 Service Dress Close up

Blue Shade 1084 & 1549 Service Dress Uniform

1962 - 1969

The Summer Service Uniform Tan Shade 193 was no longer authorized for use after 15 October 1965. To replace the summer tan uniform, the US Air Force adopted the lightweight All Season Blue Shade 1084 uniform on 1 May 1962. The time between 1962 and 1965 was the transitional period in which officers were to make the switch. The officer could retain and use the blue winter material service dress but had to add the lightweight all season blue service dress uniform for summer. The style and design of the all season 1084 service dress remained the same as its predecessor, the Blue Shade 84 Winter Service Dress Coat Uniform. The main differences were the material which became tropical worsted and a slight change in the shade of blue. Eventually, the all season service dress uniform became the norm for year round. The winter material Blue Shade 84 service dress could be used until they were considered no longer serviceable.

Eventually, two types of material were used in the All Season Blue 1084 Service Dress, a lightweight and a heavier weight in corresponding to winter and summer. Both weights of material and uniforms were considered year round. However, it was recommended that an officer possess at least two sets of uniforms of each weight. The different weights could not be worn together. Coats and trousers had to be matching weights. By 1967, Blue Shade 1549 was introduced. Both shades of blue were acceptable and both were produced in lightweight and heavyweight. The service dress cap shade of blue was to match the uniform. The caps were also produced in 15 ounce or 18 ounce serge corresponding to year round winter and summer.

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