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Technical Sergeant Martin Bohac

On 8 April 2010, General Roger A. Brady, Commander Allied Air Command Ramstein, presented the former member of Allied Air Command Ramstein’s Intelligence Division the NATO Meritorious Service Medal. (See photo to the left) The Slovak Airman who was on duty at the NATO Air Force Headquarters in Ramstein from January 2006 to February 2009, was nominated last fall for this extraordinary honor, and was confirmed by the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen as an award recipient. TSgt Martin Bohac is the first Slovak soldier ever to receive the highest NATO military decoration. The decoration citation reads as follows:

"TSgt Bohac, a former MiG-29 technician, is an extraordinary NCO and air intelligence analyst. Upon his own initiative, he diligently pursued new skills to become a self-trained air intelligence analyst with outstanding dedication to mission and knowledge of Russian Division, and received the prestigious CC-Air Ramstein Top Performer Award in 2008; a tremendous achievement for a junior NCO. His crowning achievement was an in-depth review of over 1,200 intelligence reports from 2006-2008 in order to develop a matrix of unusually activity that maybe of concern to NATO or its Air Policing mission. Also, his reputation as a methodical analyst and briefer led to his selection as the inaugural NATO intelligence briefer at the Commander of United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) staff meeting. This was a great example of his analytical skills and flawless briefing style that broke apart complex subjects into genuine tolls for use by planners and flag officers. Finally, TSgt Bohac maintained constant awareness on aircraft trends in the Russian Federation Air Force, helped planners develop improved NATO reactions to the resurgence in Russian airpower. TSgt Bohac's incredible knowledge and skills were invaluable assets for NATO. In his drive for improvements in both himself and CC-Air Ramstein's NATO mission, he set the example for all NATO personnel to follow."
Close up of Decoration
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