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45590B - Photo-sensors  Maintenance Master Badge
Master Sergeant Ralph Mason

Air Force Commendation Medal Air Force Good Conduct MedalNational Defense Service Medal Vietnam Service MedalRVN Gallantry Cross with PalmRepublic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
  • Bentwaters, United Kingdom
  • Woodbridge, United Kingdom
  • Naval Air Station Sigonella,Italy
  • Aeroporto "Cosimo Di Palma" di Sigonella
  • Assigned to US Air Force components supporting F-4 PAVE SPIKE dropping Laser Guided Bombs for theatre operations
  • 52AMS
  • 81AMS
  • Tactical Electronic Equipment Maintenance Noncommissioned Officers (NCO) Advanced (USAFAS)
  • Tactical Systems Operator/Mission Specialist Course
  • Tomahawk Mission Distribution System (MDS) Operator and Database Administrator
  • U.S. Air Force Water Survival Training
  • USAF NCO Academy
  • USAF Senior NCO Academy
  • Small Arms Expert Marksmanship
  • Selected and Graduated 18 May 1978 and promoted to 2nd Lt with Class 78C OTS held on Media AFB, Tx, February - May 1978. Promoted to Captain in February 1982 as a Regular USAF Officer.

40230 Aerospace/Photographic Systems Apprentice (Technical School Graduate March 1962); 40250/A (40451) Aerospace/Photographic Systems Repairman; 40270/A (40471) Aerospace/Photographic Systems Technician; 40290/A (40491) Aerospace/Photographic Systems/Equipment Maintenance Superintendent; Secondary: 23050 Photographer/Photographic Technician; 23651/2 Still Photographic/Camera Specialist; OJT COMDOC (COMBAT PERFORMANCE Vietnam) 23350 Motion Picture Cameraman; 23370 Motion Picture Camera Technician; 23450 Precision Photographic Processing Specialist; 23470 Precision Photographic Processing Technician; EQUIVALENT: 3N0X4 Still Photography; Subspecialties / Collateral Duties: Motion Media Cameraman; Motion Picture Photographer; Process Photographer; Still Photographic Specialist; CONVERTED: 30155A Aircraft Sensor Systems Repairman; 30175A Aircraft Sensor Systems Technician; 30195 Aircraft Sensor Systems Superintendent; CONVERTED: 32252C (Avionic Sensor System Specialist; for the R/F-4C/D/E, U2, TR-1, and SR-71) 32272C (Avionic Sensor System Technician; for the R/F-4C/D/E, U2, TR-1, and SR-71) 32292C (Avionic Sensor System Superintendent;for the R/F-4C/D/E, U2, TR-1, and SR-71) EQUIVALENT: 45590B - Photo-sensors Maintenance Master 2A3X1 F-4, A-10, F-15, B-57G & U-2 Avionics Systems; Subspecialties / Collateral Duties: Avionics Superintendent (2A090); TACTICAL AIRCRAFT Superintendent; RETRAINED: 3055/7/9/5 COMPUTER SYSTEM REPAIRMAN; Technician; Superintendent; (405L System) EQUIVALENT: 3C07/9/1 Communications - Computer Systems Operations; Subspecialties / Collateral Duties: Aerospace Maintenance Superintendent; Automated Communications Computer Systems Repairer; Computer/Automation Systems Repair; Computerized Systems Maintenance Chief; MISSILE AND SPACE SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT; Nuclear Systems and Components Repair Officer; 1A37/9/1 AIRBORNE MISSION SYSTEMS; Subspecialties / Collateral Duties: Aerospace Maintenance Superintendent; Maintenance Management Superintendent; 1A391 Airborne Mission Systems; Subspecialties / Collateral Duties: 2M092 Missile and Space Systems Maintenance Superintendent; Subspecialties / Collateral Duties:; Electronics Engineer; Airborne Mission Systems; FLIR 2000;

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