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Select the bases you have been stationed at

Belgium - Chievres
Bulgaria - Aitos
Bulgaria - Bezmer
Bulgaria - Graf Ignatievo
Bulgaria - Novo Selo
Spain - Moron
Spain - Torrejon
Spain - Zaragoza
France - Bordeaux
France - Chambley
France - Chateauroux
France - Chaumont
France - Dreux
France - Etain
France - Evreux
France - Laon
France - Phalsbourg
France - Toul
Germany - Bad Kissingen
Germany - Bayreuth/Bindlach
Germany - Bitburg AB
Germany - Erding
Germany - Fassberg
Germany - Frankfurt am Main
Germany - Fritzlar
Germany - Furstenfeldbruck
Germany - Furth
Germany - Gablingen
Germany - Giebelstadt
Germany - Hahn AB
Germany - Handorf
Germany - Kassel/Rothwesten
Germany - Kaufbeuren
Germany - Kitzingen
Germany - Landsberg
Germany - Landstuhl AB
Germany - Lechfeld
Germany - Munster
Germany - Neubiberg
Germany - Nordholz
Germany - Oberschleissheim
Germany - Ramstein AB
Germany - Rhein-Main AB
Germany - Schweinfurt
Germany - Sembach AB
Germany - Spangdahlem AB
Germany - Straubing
Germany - Tempelhof AB
Germany - Wiesbaden
Germany - Zweibrucken
Greece - Hellenikon
Italy - Aviano
Italy - Foggia
Italy - Ghedi
Italy - San Vito
Libya - Wheelus AB
Netherlands - Soesterberg
Turkey - Ankara
Turkey - Incirlik
Turkey - Izmir/Cigli
UK - Alconbury
UK - Barford St John
UK - Bentwaters
UK - Blenheim Crescent
UK - Burtonwood
UK - Chelveston
UK - Chicksands
UK - Croughton
UK - Fairford
UK - Feltwell
UK - Greenham Common
UK - Lakenheath
UK - Little Rissington
UK - Manston
UK - Menwith Hill
UK - Mildenhall
UK - Molesworth
UK - Sculthorpe
UK - Sheperds Grove
UK - Upper Heyford
UK - Upwood
UK - Welford
UK - Wethersfield
UK - Woodbridge
Hungary - Papa AB

Select the awards/achievements you have received

USAFE Airman of the Year
USAFE NCO of the Year
USAFE SNCO of the Year
Air Force Airman of the Year
Air Force NCO of the Year
Air Force Senior NCO of the Year
USAFE Functional Airman of the Year
USAFE Functional NCO of the Year
USAFE Functional SNCO of the Year
Air Force Functional Airman of the Year
Air Force Functional NCO of the Year
Air Force Functional Senior NCO of the Year


Select the medals you have received

Medal of Honor
Air Force Cross
Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Flying Cross
Airman's Medal
Bronze Star
Purple Heart
Combat Action Medal
Aerial Achievement Medal
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Joint Meritorious Service Medal
Air Force Meritorious Service Medal
Joint Commendation Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal
Joint Achievement Medal
Air Force Achievement Medal
Iraqi Campaign Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal

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